Find the answers you seek regarding DNA testing. Our resources page contains helpful
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Different DNA Tests, Different Sample Procedures

The DNA sampling kit we will send to you contains comprehensive instructions for collecting and dispatching a DNA sample using buccal cheek swabs. Most DNA samples for the vast bulk of our tests are collected using orals swabs although some tests do have a very different method of sample collection. Select the below test to learn more about the sample collection process.

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Home Paternity Test Court Approved & Immigration Test Genetic Predisposition Test
Prenatal Paternity Test Ancestry by DNA Test Baby Gender Test

General Info about DNA Sampling

It is important that you follow the instructions carefully and return the DNA samples with payment, using the reply envelope you will find in the DNA testing kit. If you wish to have your DNA samples taken professionally we can arrange for this to be done either at your home, or a local Doctors surgery at extra cost.

The home collection of DNA samples used for relationship and parentage testing involves utilising a special swab (like an oversized cotton bud) that is rotated on the inside of the cheek to collect the cells resident there. This swab is then placed, (carefully to avoid contamination) within the provided DNA sample collection envelope which is securely sealed and returned to us for analysis at our laboratories.

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