Ancestry DNA Testing Sample Collection

Ancestry DNA Testing Sample Collection

DNA testing is a great way of delving into your ancestry and discovering you true, ancient ancestry. Sample collection for this test is very straightforward with our DNA test kit; just follow the steps and precautions below.

Precautions to Follow

Do not drink coffee or tea, or use tobacco products for 4 hours prior to sampling. Samples containing coffee, tea or tobacco residues may not process properly!

Wash your hands thoroughly and rinse applicant’s mouth three times with warm water. Do not use toothpaste or mouthwash. (For infants – allow them to drink water at room temperature from a bottle or wait 2 hours from last feeding).

DNA Test Kit Step by Step Instructions

       STEP 1
Take the first pack of sterile swabs inside your DNA test kit, which are to be used to collect the first applicant’s DNA sample. Remove the first swab from its sterile packaging, taking care not to touch the tip of the swab and to retain the coloured envelopes. The envelopes are coloured to make things easier – different colours are allocated to different test participants. If you are just one individual carrying out the test, ensure to just use 2 pairs of swabs.
       STEP 2
Fill out the information required on the envelopes used to pack the swabs. Ensure that you clearly complete and sign the details required on the outside of the envelope. Also fill out the consent forms provided in your DNA test kit. Inadequately filled out forms could result in a delay in results so do make sure to do it correctly. Applicants (or their legal guardian) should sign each relevant section as well as their sample collection envelope.
       STEP 3
Collect cheek cells by rolling the tip of the sample collection swab firmly on the inside of the right cheek (30 times each or for about 1 minute). Be certain to move the swab over the entire inner cheek surface. This action should be firm but not aggressive and should not be uncomfortable. Repeat this process for the same individual with the second swab on the inside of the left cheek. You must submit four swabs per person.
       STEP 4
Allow the swabs to air dry at room temperature for at least 15 minutes. To avoid contamination, do not allow the tips of the swabs to touch anything. Place the used swabs in the first sample collection envelope (do not put back in plastic packaging). Repeat the procedure for other test participants.
       STEP 5
Be sure to seal the envelope firmly. Repeat the sample collection process if you are requesting analysis of additional applicants. The completed registration forms and sample collection envelopes should be sealed in the reply envelope provided inside your DNA test kit and returned to us (we recommend Recorded or Special Delivery).

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