Australia, 20 Jan 2023

Thank you for the incredible report! So many friends are kicking themselves for not finding y’all and going with [another company] first, can’t wait to test our other guy too

Australia, 9 Oct 2022

Simple to do. Had no complications or issues with the process. Quick turn around and easy to read results. Very happy with the experience!

Australia, 9 Oct 2022

Easy and clear process, all information is available in the website. Their communication is excellent throughout the process.

Australia, 9 June 2022

Very Easy and Professional Service! So friendly and happy to go above and beyond to assist when needed!

Australia, 01 Jan 2021

Everything was great

Australia, 11 Jan 2020

We found EasyDNA from a Google Seach and decided based on positive Reviews they would be the best company to carry out our Legal Paternity Testing. Their service was efficient and easy to understand. They made the legal side as … Continue reading

Australia, 10 Oct 2019

Service was wonderful and staff were very friendly and explained everything

Australia, 12 Jun 2018

I found you very efficient. Received test kit fast also results. I would highly recommend you. Thank you for you excellent service.

Australia, 01 Jun 2018

I was pleased to be able to read the information and undedstand what i was signing up for and the turn around time was quicker than expected. Good job.

M.D., May 2017

Good overall experience. Quick and reliable.

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