English Setter

The English Setter is sensitive, gentle and mild mannered. They enjoy the companionship of other dogs as well as humans.

Dog-English_Setter-A_resting_adult_English_Setter_with_a_lovely_red_and_white_coatEnglish Setters were named for their practice of “setting” (crouching low) when they found birds to allow hunters to throw nets over them. Though still used as hunting dogs today, English Setters also make great family companions. They are gentle, affectionate, friendly with strangers, and gets along with children.

English Setters are easy to train and they make great watchdogs – alerting their owners when someone approaches the house. Once they meet the strangers, though, they are happy to accept them. They love to run and play with people and other dogs but are quiet indoors. Though they are overall mild mannered, English Setters can be willful so early training is required to set boundaries. They tend to be very vocal, so barking needs to be discouraged from a very early age.

Because of their athleticism, English Setters are outdoors and excel at dog sports like agility. They are excellent jumpers. They enjoy digging and like to roam. They also do well as therapy dogs due to their even-tempered disposition and love for people.

Major Health Concerns: Prone to hip dysplasia, the English Setter also tends to gain weight easily and should receive regular exercise to avoid this.

Interesting FactEnglish Setter coat colors include white with blue, lemon, orange, or brown of various markings. They can also be tri-colored.

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