Bichon Frise

The always happy Bichon Frise makes a wonderful family pet. They have an affectionate and gentle demeanor and love to play. They enjoy socializing with other pets and being the center of attention. They are very intelligent and can be independent and strong willed. They want those around them to be happy, and can adjust well to new surroundings.


The only time a Bichon Frise is unhappy is when they are left alone. They are known to suffer from separation anxiety, so it is not recommended you them alone for long periods of time.

Bichons are highly intelligent and absolutely love to learn new tricks, making training a breeze. They excel in obedience and agility competitions as well. Bichon Frise’s are generally good with other animals and people, although they will let you know when someone comes to the door. Being a small dog, they are not recommended for small children.

Major Health Concerns: The Bichon Frise is prone to watery eyes and cataracts. They may have Patellar Luxation (dislocated kneecap). Some may have skin problems and be very sensitive to flea bites.
Interesting Fact: The Bichon was made famous in Australia in the 1960s,  thanks to the Channel Nine mini-series Meweth, starring Bruce Gyngell with his pet Bichon, Molly. The show gained a cult following. In subsequent years Bichon ownership, especially in the Eastern states, climbed dramatically.

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