Personal Genome Analysis

About this test Bring to light what is hidden in your genes and learn how your genetic makeup might influence your life with our Personal Genome Analysis. This analysis will reveal your susceptibility to different common diseases, how you can … Continue reading

Genetic Reconstruction Test

Price: $650 Testing: Child, Mother and 2 paternal relatives or child and 3 paternal relatives Timeframe: 7 working days from receipt of sample at our office The purpose of a genetic reconstruction test is to determine whether or not an … Continue reading

Non Invasive Prenatal Test for Down’s Syndrome

Price: $899 Testing: Expectant mother Timeframe: Within 7 working days of receipt of DNA samples The non-invasive prenatal test we offer has been scientifically shown to be the most sensitive and accurate non-invasive prenatal screening test available. The test is … Continue reading

Legally Verified DNA Test

Legal DNA Test Price: $695 Testing: Child, mother and alleged father samples Timeframe: 7 to 10 working days from receipt of samples at our office All Court Approved DNA Test requests will be performed by a laboratory, that are fully … Continue reading

Ancestral Origins™ DNA Testing

Price: $499 Testing: Applicant only Timeframe: 3 weeks from receipt of samples at our office With this simple DNA Ancestry test, your DNA profile is compared against hundreds of global populations and fourteen anthropological regions whose collective genetic information is … Continue reading

Mitochondrial DNA Test

Price: N/A Testing: Two applicants with shared maternal lineage Timeframe: 14-16 working days from receipt of swabs at our office. Mitochondrial DNA Test Do you share a common maternal ancestor? Do you perhaps have the same mother, grandmother or great … Continue reading

SkinCareDNA Test

NOTE: This Product is Not Available Yet. Price: N/A Testing: Applicant only Timeframe: 15 working days The SkinCareDNA test we offer empowers you to take your skin care regime to the next level. Those early signs of ageing, wrinkling, and pigmentation can … Continue reading

Weight and Wellness DNA Test

Note this Test is Not Currently Available Price: N/A Testing: Applicant only Timeframe: 4 weeks Having problems managing your weight? Frustrated with all the failed diets? Our Weight and Wellness DNA test could be the solution to your problem by helping you … Continue reading

Infidelity DNA Test

Price: $683 Testing: One item, e.g. underwear Timeframe: within 10 working days of receipt of DNA samples at our office Do you suspect infidelity? Do you want to end those gnawing suspicions and find out whether your partner is really cheating … Continue reading

Grandparents DNA Test

Price: $949 Testing: Child and both maternal or paternal grandparents Timeframe: 5-7 working days from receipt of samples at our office Our Grandparent DNA testing service (also called a missing parent test) will establish whether you are really the biological … Continue reading

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